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Where to Buy Beer Tap Handles and How Much Do They Cost?

Where to Buy Beer Tap Handles and How Much Do They Cost?

Posted by Dillon on 23rd Nov 2022

If you’re looking where to buy beer tap handles, we have a bunch of good ideas we’d like to share with you. Even though tap handles may be dismissed by some as an “extravagant accessory”, we know how important they are for people who are into draft beer and craft beer culture. 

Here in this blog article courtesy of the Xpress Taphandles team, you’ll learn about the places you can buy kegerator tap handles and the pricing options. 

How Much Are Beer Tap Handles Worth? 

The actual beer tap handle cost depends on a number of factors. Basically, it’s all about how fancy and custom you want to go. So, how much are beer tap handles worth? 

Well, if you want the simplest, most basic model, you can go with one of those blank tap handles. Sure, they’re nothing special, but the price is also very affordable – they can go for as low as $25 apiece. 

However, even within the blank tap handles alone, there is enough variety to keep an average beer aficionado excited. Here are the factors to consider – each of them will add slightly to the final price: 

  • shape and form 
  • material (ceramic, wood, marble, etc.) 
  • color 

Plus, your beer tap handle can feature a square plate, which you can write on or put a sticker on. This comes in handy when you have multiple beers on tap, and it’s necessary for you and your customers to distinguish them. 

Now, if you’re after something special, you might want to explore unique and  custom beer tap handles. Here, there are no rules, really – every tap handle is nothing like the other. Sure, they are more expensive than the standard ones (going as high as $100 apiece), but they’re definitely worth it. 

So, there’s your answer to the question “how much does beer tap handles cost?”. 

Custom Beer Tap Handles Cost in Canada and the USA

5 Reasons to Buy Beer Tap Handles Online 

If you’re not sure whether to buy beer tap handles online or not, here are the five reasons that should get you convinced: 

  1. There is more variety.
    If you’re looking where to buy a beer tap handle, why limit yourself to a few local stores (if you’re lucky) when you can just go online and browse dozens of websites that offer dozens (or even hundreds) of different models? 
  2. It’s cheaper.
    Online stores don’t have to pay rent or keep many employees on their payroll, which is why you get lower prices 99% of the time, if you’re ordering online. 
  3. You can have your tap handles customized.
    Most online stores offer tap handle customization services. This means you can add your own artwork to a tap handle, or even design one from scratch and have the company manufacture it for you. 
  4. Free delivery and discounts for bulk orders.
    That’s another common thing that most online stores offer. If you’re not there shopping for just one tap handle, chances are you may get a nice discount. 
  5. It’s just easier!
    You can place an order from your smartphone without leaving the kitchen – it doesn’t get any more convenient than that. 

So, if you’re still thinking about what store can I buy beer tap handles from, you should definitely try an online store like Xpress Taphandles - more on that below. 

Where to Buy Custom Beer Tap Handles in Canada and the USA? 

Xpress Taphandles offers a wide variety of beer tap handles for any taste and/or budget: from a blank tap handle to a chalkboard tap handle and everything in between. For those of you who are still wondering “where to buy beer tap handles near me”, we ship our products all across Canada and the USA. 

Xpress custom-branded beer tap handles

Shipping overseas is also possible – we will do our best to ensure you’re provided with the best delivery cost, wherever your location may be. Still thinking “where can I buy new beer tap handles”? Contact us now to get 5% off your first order! 

Custom Beer Tap Handles at XpressTaphandles.com 

In addition to the standard models you can choose from our catalog on the website, you can also buy custom beer tap handles from us. There are three easy steps: 

  1. Pick the blank tap handle model you prefer, upload your artwork and place your order. Don’t have an artwork? No problem, we can create one for you based off of something as simple as a sketch. 
  2. Approve the final design prepared by us (usually takes us less than a day to come up with one). 
  3. Wait till your tap handles are manufactured (normally, takes 1-4 days).