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15 Coolest Beer Tap Handles for Kegerator

15 Coolest Beer Tap Handles for Kegerator

Posted by Dillon on 31st Jan 2022

How can you easily tell someone who’s just out there sitting behind the wheel of their vehicle in traffic from someone who’s passionate about cars and driving? By the look of their car! More often than not, you would find a true gearhead swapping stock parts with something unique and custom.

That’s exactly how it happens in the world of draft beer and homebrewing. You know you’re dealing with someone who’s truly passionate about beer by spotting these little details, and  tap handles play a big part of that.

Although initially viewed as a purely technical part of a draft beer system, tap handles soon became the center of attention among homebrewers and bar owners alike who realized the marketing and aesthetic potential of tap handles for a kegerator.

Nowadays, tap handles are going stronger than ever. With the craft beer culture on the rise, the number of different varieties of tap handles is truly amazing. Here in this article, we will make a humble attempt to navigate the wild and wacky world of tap handles and try to single out 15 coolest kegerator beer tap handles.

best beer tap handle styles

#15. Natural Wooden Tap Handle

Kicking it off with a classic-style tap handle with a bit of that rustic aesthetic that is bound to make your feel all warm and cozy. Nice, simple, and eco-friendly.

#14. Blue Marble Tap Handle

Anything made out of marble always has that deep, heavy look and solid feel about it - just like this blue marble ceramic tap handle. Elegant profile, original shape, high-quality German ceramics - it’s all here.

#13. Caduceus-Style Tap Handle

Feeling dark and mysterious? So does this Caduceus-style tap handle! With its top-quality ceramics and elegant design, it is guaranteed to add a fine touch to your draft beer system.

#12. Local Lager

Entering the world of collectible kegerator tap handles, we’ve got this vintage-shaped Local Lager tap handle. A true throwback to the classic 1940s style.

#11. Bavaria Collectible Tap Handle

You must’ve tried (or least heard of) this famous Dutch beer but we’re sure you never saw a Bavaria tap handle quite like this: how it came to be is another but you can’t argue with its unique design.

Xpress custom-branded beer tap handles

#10. Collective Art Cider Wooden Tap Handle

If you happen to enjoy drinking and/or serving cider, this one's for you. Super thin, super elegant, super vintage. Oh, and it’s wooden as well.

#9. Peace Sign Tap Handle

Entering the world of completely custom,  unique tap handles, here we have a peace sign tap handle - cause no war ever broke out because of beer, and it should absolutely stay that way forever.

#8. Happy Santa Tap Handle

If a barrel of beer is the type of present you expect from Santa for Christmas, then this tap handle is certainly for you.

#7. Farmer Tap Handle

Speaks for itself - a tired but happy farmer after a hard day’s work with a glass of well-deserved beer.

#6. American Bikini Tap Handle

Alright, this might be a bit risque but hey - you can’t deny this tap handle’s appeal.

#5. Chef Tap Handle

Highly detailed, made of top-quality European ceramic, this tap handle is little work of art.

#4. Pig Mafia Tap Handle

Everyone (except the real members of Mafia, of course) will certainly appreciate the humorous tone of this tap handle.

#3. Dollar Lady Tap Handle

One the finest custom tap handles for a kegerator you will ever find, this Dollar Lady tap handle is a perfect example of top-notch craftsmanship.

#2. Obama Tap Handle

The former US president Barack Obama dressed in traditional Ukrainian clothes holding a balalaika - that’s as cool as it gets!

#1. Your own custom tap handle!

No matter how good all these other custom beer tap handles for a kegerator are, nobody can create a tap handle better than you! Need proof? Order a blank tap handle from us, submit your artwork, and we will create a  personalized tap handle that’ll complement your draft beer system perfectly.