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Beer Tap Handle with Rectangular Plate A-85 Cream Marble

A-85 Cream Marble
CAD $34.65

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Blank beer tap handles are a great choice for a bar owner who’s looking to make their draft system and bar counter area stand out.

Generic ceramic beer tap handles are highly popular among bar and tap room owners as well as home bar owners, especially those looking for a minimalistic yet stylish approach.

You can use them as is or go ahead and attach some logo or a cool-looking artwork later.

Blank Tap Handles in Canada and the USA

Our blank tap handles are compatible with all domestic faucets. We offer unbeatable prices on blank tap handles. In fact, there’s no minimum order - whether you need 1 tap handle or 100, we’ve got you covered.

With so many styles and shapes to choose from, you can find a perfect match for any setup.


If you are interested in tap handle custom branding, please visit this category on our website.