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How to Choose Beer Tap Handle Sizes?

How to Choose Beer Tap Handle Sizes?

Posted by Dillon on 16th Aug 2023

Despite what you may think, choosing a proper beer tap handle size for your draft beer dispensing system is extremely important since you don’t want to have beer leaking or your tap handle operating improperly. 

Here in this article on the Xpress Taphandles blog, we talk about the most popular sizes for  beer tap handles and how to know which one is right for you. 

What Are the Most Popular Beer Tap Handle Sizes? 

When it comes to beer tap handle sizes, there’s no such thing as one standard size (if we talk about beer tap handle width and height). In reality, there is a variety of sizes that can be loosely grouped into three main categories.

Most Popular Beer Tap Handle Sizes

Standard tap handle (9–13 inches tall) 

What is considered to be standard beer tap handle dimensions is around 11’’ tall and up to 3’’ wide. Most of the time, these are  wood beer tap handles. They can be often seen in establishments that serve a wide range of beer varieties, as they provide enough space for branding, allowing breweries to showcase their logo, artwork, or unique designs.

Short tap handle (6-7 inches) 

Also known as shotgun handles, this variety is ideal for small spaces. You can find short tap handles used in crowded bars or where tap lines are limited. Despite their smaller dimensions, they still offer enough branding space for breweries and bar owners who’d like to showcase their identity on  personalized tap handles

Long tap handle (over 18 inches) 

Oversized or long tap handles are becoming increasingly popular among craft beer enthusiasts. These eye-catching,  collectible beer tap handles often feature intricate designs or unique shapes that stand out behind the bar. With their larger size, you’ve got more room for creativity and can attract attention more easily.

What Is the Standard Beer Tap Handle Thread Size? 

When choosing a tap handle, one of the key factors to consider is the beer tap handle screw size, as it determines compatibility and ease of use. So, what size thread is a beer tap handle? The standard thread size for beer tap handles is ⅜”-16. The first number refers to the diameter of the thread in inches (⅜”) and the second one is the number of threads per inch (sixteen, in our case). 

As a rule, every handle is typically equipped with a threaded insert, which connects it securely to the faucet valve, allowing for effortless pouring. What makes beer tap handle insert size important? 

  1. The proper thread size for a beer tap handle ensures compatibility between the tap handle itself and the faucet valve. When the thread sizes match, it becomes hassle-free to remove, replace, or interchange tap handles. Similarly, it prevents any wiggling or loose connections that could potentially lead to beverage leaks or spills.
  2. Employing a standard thread size allows breweries, bars, and restaurants to have an assortment of tap handles to suit different occasions or beer varieties. Craft breweries, for instance, often like to have unique and eye-catching tap handles. These handles can be easily swapped out without the need for additional hardware or modifications. 
  3. Standard thread size eliminates confusion and makes it easier for both industry professionals and home brewers to acquire or switch tap handles whenever needed. By adhering to this standard, manufacturers ensure their products can be used across a wide range of beer dispensing systems. 

Although the previously mentioned ⅜”-16 size is the most common one for beer tap handles, there may be exceptions. Some larger-scale commercial systems, such as those used in stadiums or large venues, might employ different thread sizes to accommodate higher beer flow rates. However, these situations are relatively rare, and most standard tap handles will fit the majority of draft systems. 

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What Size Is the Female Thread on the Beer Tap? 

The standard female thread size for a beer tap handle is ⅜’’-16. This thread size allows the tap handle to be securely attached to the faucet lever on a draft beer system. It is widely used in the brewing industry, ensuring compatibility with most beer faucets and tap handles available in the market.

When selecting a tap handle for your beer system, it is crucial to make sure that the female beer thread size matches the male thread on the faucet lever. Mismatched thread sizes can result in loose connections, wobbling tap handles, and even potential leaks. 

We recommend double-checking the thread specifications before purchasing a tap handle. Additionally, it's worth noting that some tap handles may have a different thread size, particularly if they are designed for specific beer brands or custom applications.