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About Us

Xpress Taphandles offers expertise and support in creating stunning custom tap handles to make your brewery or bar one of a kind. Tap handles provide an artistic way to display the products that our customers are so proud of — their beers. We work with you to create unique pieces that add value to your brand.

Our team at Xpress Taphandles works alongside you each step of the way, from brainstorming to developing prototypes, and through the creation of the finished product.

Xpress Taphandles is a UBC Group project, we promise to bring knowledge from our years of experience to your product.

After years of manufacturing tap handles for customers around the globe, we have seen what works the best and what does not. As a result, we have developed a better way for you to buy tap handles.

Xpress Taphandles Custom Beer Tap Handles

According to the US National Beer Wholesaler Association research, 39% of Drinkers are influenced to purchase Beer by Tap Handles.

Why wait up to four months for custom tap handles after paying hundreds of dollars in set up fees?

Xpress Taphandles does it better
  • Pricing
    Money matters – let’s start with that.
    On an order of 50 handles or more, our tap handles start at just $19.50 Canadian dollars. On smaller orders, the price goes up slightly, but there is still no minimum. No set-up fees, no mold costs, just simplicity.
  • Minimum orders
    Whether you need 1 or 100, Xpress Taphandles has you covered.
    No need to order thousands of dollars’ worth of tap handles to gather dust. Keep up with the ever-changing beer industry and let your small order of tap handles pivot with the trends. Order a single tap handle for your beer-loving friend or outfit your entire brewery with custom tap handles.
  • Timing
    Your order can usually be shipped in five short days!
    We have a stock of blank handles in tons of shapes in Canada and the US. All we have to do is custom p rint your branding, so we can get them out the door fzfiaster.
  • Materials
    Only high-quality materials..
    European ceramic as well as alder and ash tree hard wood is used to create the most durable and stunning tap handles. Finishing and printing are completed in-house with ceramic, wood and UV-cured inks that are made tough to last long.