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Titanium Timmy - Heavy Duty Faucet & Hex Nut Wrench

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The Titanium Timmy. The Ultimate Universal Faucet Wrench.


A unique one-of-a-kind wrench made from real 3.2mm thick Titanium. Designed and engineered to tolerate the most extreme stresses and provide peace of mind that can't be matched by any other wrench on the market. 

Tighten or loosen faucets and shanks with confidence and never worry about a wrench breaking in the middle of a job and damaging expensive draft equipment. Thanks to the properties of Titanium, the wrench is just half of the weight of a regular steel wrench, making it the perfect tool to use all day.

With the increased strength of its unique material, the wrench is designed to be slim in order to better fit into tight and difficult to reach spaces. Gone are the days of having to use a screwdriver and hammer to tighten a shank!